Schrader 1600

The Schrader 1600 is back in it's 15th year on May 7th, 2022.


2008Carl Stones, the inaugural men's champion of our race had just missed the high school state track meet. In Texas, that's nothing to be ashamed of as only 8 athletes per class qualify for the meet. Looking for another race, his coach at the time, Andy Jackson, got together and dubbed the meet "The Schrader 1600." The namesake, Chris Schrader, took the naming of the meet in stride and showed up - firing the starters pistol. With DJ Paul Snyder manning the turntables, and also racing, a simple meet was born. Those in the first race went on to have great running (and academic careers) as Paul went on to run 14:07 for 5k at Columbia University and Carl qualified for the finals at USA's in the Steeplechase in 2015 (Carl was also an All-American at The University of Tulsa).The years in betweenWhat Carl, Paul, Coach Jackson, and Chris started - Paras has been attempting to take to the next level. In year 2, one of the deepest 1600 fields in State of Texas history was assembled - with the boys fast heat featuring 20+ boys with PRs of 4.20 or better. But more than that, a huge amount of PR's were set in the other heats - which is when we realized, when you put a bunch of runners in heats that they have a real chance to win - special moments happen. One of the best stories comes from Gleb Rudenko, who showed up at our meet needing to run around 4:20 in order to be able to walk on the team at Florida State University. Gleb's PR heading into the meet was 4:26. We put him into a great heat and he came out with an even better results - running 4.20. He went on to have a great running and academic career at Florida State and is just one of the many people we are so proud to have associated with.In between we have had countless PR's, smiling faces, and great stories. We hope you'll join us for many, many more!Where we are today2022 marks the 15th edition of this race!The meet in its current iteration is a mixture of a lot of good people and a relentless pursuit to offer athletes of all ages an opportunity to run the fastest 4 lapper they possibly can! We have our meet on the week in between the region and state track meets (usually the first weekend in May) and offer an opportunity to anyone that wants to run fast and have fun.We aim for our meet to be under 2.5 hours, action packed with limited time in between heats, and the smoothest meet you'll ever attend. We only offer one event (the 1600/mile), we put you in a heat with PR's similar to yours, and start with estimated finish times around 7 minutes all the way down to low 4 minutes. You'll always be in a heat you can win!

How The Race Works

WHAT IS THE RACE?Great question. It's a no-frills (see: cheap, awesome, fun) 4 lap race around the track. We are in the 11th year of putting this race on and it's gotten bigger every year. So that still begs the question, what is it?For the past 14 years, we have decided to put on a race that fits right in between the regional meet and the state meet in Texas. Countless runners in Texas don't qualify for the regional or state meet, and the weather tends to be amazing in early May in Texas - so we put on this meet which simply features a bunch of heats of the mile.The only races we offer are the mile. Let's say your PR for a mile is 5.40. We will take other runners with PRs between 5.35-5.45 and create a heat out of it. The same would do if your PR is 7.00 or 4.05. Given that we have 300+ runners coming out, we will definitely have the heat for you.SOUNDS GREAT, TELL ME MORE!Now that we've given you the spiel on why it was started, we should talk about what it's turned into. It's a great race to test your abilities against other runners right at your ability level - regardless of age. So we take your seed time (a time you send in when you register) and then seed heats accordingly. From there, we just make lists and cut off where we think the heats should be logically split into. Ultimately, our goal is for every runner in a heat to be able to reasonably win his or her heat - which makes for some really fun racing.SO, WHAT'S NEXT? CAN I RUN??Yes, you can definitely race.We don't care how old you are - and we actually encourage and have seen some amazing performances from all ages (we've seen 10 year olds run way under 6:00 minutes, and 45 year olds run 4:45). Click the register button up top and sign up!MISCELLANEOUSObviously, we are not affiliated with the UIL and have no bearing on eligibility or anything like that. Should you wear your high school jersey? No.Just put on a shirt, some shorts, and come out and have fun.WHOA, SEEMS LIKE YOU GUYS MAKE A LOT OF MONEY DOING THIS...Funny enough, we don't make any money. Literally. None. We have costs (that our friends graciously help to defray), but any dollar we make more than costs are donated back to the school! In fact, Paras usually underwrites all expenses!WHAT ARE YOUR MEET RECORDS?Daniel Viegra - 4:07.24 (converted from a full mile where he ran 4:08.68)Cate Westenhover - 4:50.84 (1600m)Our Pro Mens Meet Record is 4:01.91 by Ricky Romero (full mile)Our Pro Womens Meet Record is by Sarah Lancaster 4:37.55 (1600m)We would love to see those fall! But we also like people that enjoy track and want to participate and get a PR. Come one, come all and run fast!


Our amazing sponsors underwrite the costs of the meet in order to maximize the donations we are able to make directly into the community. In 2018, the race made a donation that included a surprise visit to Marble Falls HS by Leo Manzano and Ari Perez of Fleet Feet Austin. That video is available to view here.If you'd like to be a sponsor for the 2022 version of the Schrader 1600, please email and he'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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The 2022 Schrader 1600 will be held at Southwest Williamson County Regional Park.Date: May 7th, 2022Address: 3005 Co. Rd. 175, Leander, TX 78641Track Open: 4.30pmFirst Race: 5.40pmSchedule: Click here

Historical Results

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Link to Heat Sheets


Athletes- The first heat will go off at 5.40p.
- Ensure you know what heat number you are
- You will check in 20-25 minutes before your heat in the middle of the infield where we will have a table with hip numbers.
- You need to be ready to go, doing strides, and getting ready to line up on the track when the heat prior to yours is ready to go.
- For example, if you're in heat 18, you need to be checked in by the time Heat 15 starts and you need to be finishing up and ready to go when Heat 17 starts.
- Bring your own water (there is a water fountain and bathrooms on site) and we'll have water for sale as well as some water bottles we'll have in a cooler for athlete use only.
Parents and Fans
- No cost to attend this year
- We will have drinks, pizza, and all kinds of snacks. Plan on making a night out of it and it'll be a lot more fun!
- Bring lawn chairs. It will be wet and the bleachers will not be fun.
- Don't bring soccer balls, frisbees, etc. The whole point of race night is racing - and anything going on in the infield is solely for warming up. Athletes are not going to concern themselves with stuff happening in the infield.


**This is a rolling schedule and we will do our best to stay on this as close as humanely possible. Things do happen from time to time however, so bear with us!We will start checkin around 4.30p and the first race will start at 5.40p.

Heat NumberStart Time